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They also never create any storylines outside of their own little dramas that exist between characters.

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The pair, an Indian flight attendant and her cabin services supervisor, were convicted of 'coercion to commit sin' over the messages and initially sentenced to six months in jail, The National newspaper said, citing court documents.The sentence was reduced on appeal last week to three months and deportation orders against the pair were lifted, it added.

If you are under 18, it is no longer illegal under Victorian child pornography laws for you to take or keep sexual photos or videos of yourself or someone else who is under 18, as long as: , under federal child pornography laws it is still illegal for under 18s to take, keep, share or send sexual images of someone under 18, including images of themselves, by phone or online. If you break the law you can end up with a criminal record.The last thing you want is to be showing friends and family your vacation photos and then accidentally give them an embarrassing glimpse of your naked mirror selfie.To make sure these pics don't come back to haunt you, the rule of thumb is to delete them right away and to make sure your phone has a secure password on it. Connecting the world through chat is our goal, and we want you to do it safely.This page has resources for teens, parents, and law enforcement to help in any situation. An image or video clip can very easily fall into the wrong hands.