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is a byte stream so you can't read from it directly if you want to read character strings, which is what you normally want to do.Hence you must wrap a Scanner object around to handle string oriented IO.You can look at the Scanner's API to get the full list of methods that a Scanner provides.The constructor for the Scanner class takes a Java Input Stream, File, or String as a parameter and creates a Scanner object.It also has a section on using files for input and output. (Generally, this means that the string is displayed to the user; however, in GUI programs, it outputs to a place where a typical user is unlikely to see it.Furthermore, standard output can be "redirected" to write to a different output destination.Submit a bug or feature For further API reference and developer documentation, see Java SE Documentation.

This set of notes will cover the set of Scanner methods that you will use most frequently.

If the integer that is being output takes up fewer than 12 spaces, extra blank spaces are added in front of the integer to bring the total up to 12.

I would like to implement a Lo D algorithm to my 3D game in order to simplify meshes at certain distances from the player.

My meshes are created / loaded using a VBO, so the vertex data is stored in a very large float array as ?

Would I need to convert this data into a more usable data structure such as a list of faces, or would it be possible to use this directly?