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Image above: After arriving at the Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex Skid Strip on Sept. Kennedy is welcomed by a color guard and Center Director Kurt Debus (right).Image credit: NASA › View larger image Image above: On Sept 10, 1962, a prelaunch simulation for the Sigma 7/Mercury-Atlas 8 launch of astronaut Wally Schirra was held in the Flight Control area in Mercury Mission Control.With it being Valentine’s Day today, I thought I’d take a look at the history of ‘computer dating’.It is actually one of those topics that illustrates the shortcomings of our current internet search tools.Armstrong leads astronauts Michael Collins and Edwin E.Aldrin, Jr., from the Manned Spacecraft Operations Building to the transfer van for the eight-mile trip to Pad 39A.Whilst researching it I seemed to find an awful lot more about getting a mail order bride sent to me from Russia than I found out about the origins of computer assisted love.studying anything computer related, so you can forget your jokes about why geeks might have needed to enlist a computer in order to get a date.

Then realize your only communication was snail mail. We’ll never know if these gentlemen ever found their special someone (or someones), but we like to think they did.

14, 1966, the towering Saturn V rocket rolls out of the Vehicle Assembly Building and heads for Launch Pad 39A.

Image credit: NASA › View larger image Image above: On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 Commander Neil A.

Minerva Mc Gonagall likely became Head of Gryffindor House between 19, and Hagrid's predecessor, Ogg, was Gamekeeper for Hogwarts until at least 1968.

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